"skin" Boxer Shorts×Cami Set

We have prepared a special SET for the few products left.

Boxer shorts OB color will not be restocked.


"skin" Boxer Shorts x Cami 2 points SET item limited 10% OFF


“Skin” basic boxer shorts

Uses Modal Bear Tenjiku, which allows you to feel the comfort of blending in.

Elastic material fits your body.

Fine and soft fibers wrap your skin moisturized.

All-season boxer shorts with excellent moisture absorption and desorption that can keep your body moist in a comfortable state.


Achieves all-flat sewing with minimal unevenness.

The waist is wrapped so that the rubber does not come into direct contact with the skin, and the leg openings are sewn with a non-rubber design.

The legs are loosely finished so as not to tighten the inguinal region, so it is also recommended as nightwear at bedtime.

Size: M

* Click here for the skin camisole page


Lingerie "skin" like bare skin that you want to wear until you sleep

All-season comfort lingerie that cares for sensitive skin and maintains a comfortable skin environment

For dry skin in winter, it is moist and soft, and in the humid summer, it absorbs and releases sweat and creates a cycle that breathes according to body temperature.

"skin" Boxer Shorts×Cami Set

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Color: Orange brown
    • When washing with a household washing machine, we use very fine fibers, so please put it in the net to prevent it from getting caught and wash it separately from other items.
    • If the color is light, wash it separately from the dark color to prevent color transfer.
    • Please avoid using detergent containing bleach.
    • Please do not use the dryer.
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