"Skin" basic camisole.

Uses Modal Bear Tenjiku, which allows you to feel like it melts in. Elastic material fits your body.

Fine and soft fibers moisturize your skin.

An all-season inner that excels in moisture absorption and desorption, and can keep body humidity in a comfortable state.

With a straight design on the chest, you can wear it well with tops, shirts, etc. Can be worn both front and back.

◎ You can choose a narrow type or a wide type strap


Size: M

* Set shorts / Tanga sold separately


* 1 Handling of "skin" modal

The skin modal series uses very delicate fabrics and sewing threads to emphasize softness. Especially for camisole items, if you stretch the shoulder straps strongly, apply friction or apply a large load, it may damage the fabric thread. Therefore, please wash by hand or use the laundry net when using the washing machine. When drying, please hang it flat or hem so that the shoulder strap is not overloaded.


Lingerie "skin" like bare skin that you want to wear until you sleep

All-season comfort lingerie that cares for sensitive skin and maintains a comfortable skin environment

Moisturized, soft and humid skin during the winter season creates a cycle that absorbs and releases sweat and breathes according to body temperature

“Skin” Modal Basic Cami Smoky pink

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Color: Smoky pink
    • 家庭用洗濯機でお洗濯の場合は、非常に細かい繊維を使用しておりますので引っかかりを防ぐ為単独でネットに入れて頂き、他のものと分けてお洗濯下さい。
    • 淡色の場合は色移りを防ぐため濃色と分けてお洗濯下さい。
    • 漂白剤入りの洗剤のご使用はお避けください。
    • 乾燥機はご使用にならないで下さい。

    ※1 "skin"モダールのお取り扱いについて